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Partners with many years of experience in construction have decided to
establish the company Black Sea Tower.
The task of the company was to create a product that would focus
on consumers who were interested in investing in construction.
The company started a 15-storey multifunctional multi-storey building
on the first line of the Batumi coast in the most developed tourist place.
At Lech and Maria Kaczynski # 19, the company began construction of a 15-storey
multi-purpose building. Construction is underway under the new regulations and standards.
All materials used in construction are sent to the appropriate
laboratory for examination before use. All materials purchased are ISO certified.
The completed building will be equipped with a modern fire-fighting system,
2 pieces with a 1600 kg elevator and an evacuation ladder.
There will be:
High class hotel
An outdoor pool on top of the building
Concierge service

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